Under Pressure (English/90 mins/Free show)

  • August 23, 7:30pm
    Amaltas, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre
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Director: Aruna Ganesh Ram
Group: Visual Respiration
Devised & performed by: Asha Ponikiewska, Aditya Garg, Deepika Chauhan

Synopsis: The performance will examine the domino effect of Individual & collective choice and environmental consequence. From exploring themes of consumerism, minimal living, indigenous wisdom, the life of trees and the politics of nature, the performance proposes to present multiple perspectives the policy maker, the rag picker, the environmentalist, the 8000 year old tree and extinct birds. The performance is a sensory montage moving between the realms of reality and surrealism, inviting the audience to question and reflect upon their own view point and their relationship with the earth.

* For 16 years and above