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(Multilingual/60 minutes)

  • 1st & 3rd March | 7:00pm

Fourth Wall Productions, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

Cast - Aayushi Gupta, Ayush Jain Nikhil Anand, Riya Vij, Rohan Modi & Vaasu Sehgal
Written by Abhishek Majumdar, the play is inspired from the collection of poems by Agha Shahid Ali-The Country Without A Post Office...


The Incomplete Works of
William Shakespeare (Abridged)
(Multilingual/40 minutes)

  • 1st & 3rd March | 8:15pm

    Bard's Slander Society, St. Stephen’s College

Cast - Pulkit Grover, Mehuli Das/ Nikie Bareja, Naina Dargan & Tarini Mehta
'The Incomplete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)' is a fast-firing devised comedy, inspired by 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), which does just that in a single act...


Old Wives’ Tale (Hindi /40 minutes)

  • 4th & 5th March | 7:00pm
  • Memesis, Daulat Ram College

Cast - Manshi Joshi, Chavi Sagar, Chetna Kimothi, Parul Bansal, Varsha Sharma, Twisha Yadav, Sanya Gambhir, Bhaumi Pathak, Chanchal Ahlawat, Geetika, Disha Asija, Anjali

In the midst of a bedlam where things become murky and even a slightest of defiance would muddle the whole web, but a tiny loop within would pacify things...


Treadmill (Hinglish /55 minutes)

  • 4th & 5th March | 8:00pm
  • Pratibimb, Delhi Technological University

Cast : Arjun Monga, Sanjana, Anurag Ranjan, Navishka Pandit, Pryam Srivasatava, Sampriti Yadav, Akhil Bajaj, Kartikeya Bector, Kripi Badonia, Mrinal Singh

This play shows a relatable, simple and yet myriad story about the cyclicity of life, portrayed through a common man and his nostalgic encounters with certain people in his life. These encounters, though seemingly inane at first, lead the protagonist through a deep understanding of his own condition.


Chairs and Occupants (English/50 minutes)

  • 6th & 7th March
  • Shakespeare Society, St. Stephen's College

Cast : Swithin Thomas, Nikitha Loraine, Supriya Kumar, Samir Pius George

Three complete strangers are stuck in a room with just conversation to bide their time with. Bolted in their chairs, they are taken by surprise by what comes along as time passes...


Constellations (English/75 minutes)

  • 6th & 7th March, 8:00pm
  • DCAC English Dramatics Society, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

Cast : Mayank Kaushik & Tanvi Palikar

In the beginning Marianne and Roland meet at a party. They go for a drink, or perhaps they don't. They fall madly in love and start dating, but eventually they break up...


Who Am I? (Bilingual/40 minutes)

  • 8th & 9th March
  • Ibtida, Hindu College

Cast : Akankksha Rustagi, Devanshi Khanna, Jasna Merlyn Tom, Prateek Gupta, Satyamitran Guruhari, Shaurya Harsh, Tanya Gulati
What happens when you face the conflict, you have grown up avoiding? The play delves into the sugar-spiced relationship of Aisha with herself and her family. Between what is said and what remains unsaid, some things change...


Outer City (Hindi/60 minutes)

Recommended for 16 yrs & above

  • 8th & 9th March
  • Ankur, SGTB Khalsa College

Director : Gaurisha Kapila, Kartik Chauhan, Manan Gouri, Manish Bhardwaj, Prabal Mahajan, Rakshit Khandelwal, Vrinda Malhotra

Ravi, a 15 years old boy leaves behind his village life in Uttar Pradesh to live with his family in Outer Dilli. We find this underprivileged outsider as an easy prey for the school goons...