Pratibimb, Delhi Technological University
(Hinglish /55 minutes)

  • 4th & 5th Mar | 8:00pm
    The Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Cast - Arjun Monga, Sanjana, Anurag Ranjan, Navishka Pandit, Pryam Srivasatava, Sampriti Yadav, Akhil Bajaj, Kartikeya Bector, Kripi Badonia, Mrinal Singh

- This play shows a relatable, simple and yet myriad story about the cyclicity of life, portrayed through a common man and his nostalgic encounters with certain people in his life. These encounters, though seemingly inane at first, lead the protagonist through a deep understanding of his own condition. We go through an impactful journey where he introspects about his wife, their relationship, and if anything could salvage it. He wonders whether achieving society-defined success will release him from the void he feels inside his very being, often putting the future of his relationship under scrutiny. Story structure at its finest, along with bits of enthralling poetry make Treadmill a grand mirror; a mirror into which we all must look into. And look into deeply