Old Wives’ Tale
Memesis, Daulat Ram College
(Hindi /40 minutes)

  • 4th & 5th Mar | 7:00pm
    The Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Cast - Manshi Joshi, Chavi Sagar, Chetna Kimothi, Parul Bansal, Varsha Sharma, Twisha Yadav, Sanya Gambhir, Bhaumi Pathak, Chanchal Ahlawat, Geetika, Disha Asija, Anjali

- In the midst of a bedlam where things become murky and even a slightest of defiance would muddle the whole web, but a tiny loop within would pacify things. Lakshmi a common village girl or rather a mango girl tries loosening the knots and in that process reposts how a trivial thing such as a mango can set things right. Most importantly reveals how gods are made.