Faqeer Nimaana (Theatre in Dance/Punjabi, English, Hindi/65 mins/Ticketed show)

  • August 21, 7:30pm
    The Stein Auditorium, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre
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Directed by: Sanjukta Wagh
Group: beej
Synopsis: Faqeer Nimaana: Embodying the faqeer, Shah Hussain and his words in music and dance. ’The path of love is a needle’s eye. Be a thread. Go through.’ Shah Hussain was a mystic weaver poet from 16th century Lahore. His charkha spins, a metaphor for life and death, perennial movement and time itself but only a single thread can dare to enter the needle’s eye, beyond which all divisions of religion, caste, gender, sexuality and nation must break to find a new way of being. We pay tribute to “Faqeer Nimaana”, the egoless malang in his irreverence, his defiance and his wisdom by bringing to life his kafi’s in song and dance.

Cast: Radhika Sood Nayak, Hitesh Dhutia Vinayak Netke, Sanjukta Wagh
Writer: Compilation of Shah Hussain’s poems with a connecting script and translations by Radhika Sood Nayak, Sanjukta Wagh and Gita Chadha. Few translations by Naved Alam

* For all ages