(English/60 mins)

  • Oct 14 & 15 | 7:00pm | Amphitheatre
    Stein Auditorium, India Habitat centre
    ** Age limit – for 14 years and above only
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Director : Divya Jagdale
Writer : Shiv Subrahmanyam
Theatre Group : Playtrix
Cast: Jaimini Pathak, Romi Jaspal, Amrita Sant, Divya Jagdale
Music : Aashish Gade

Toxic is a play about a relationship slowly unravelling, in spite of spirited efforts to keep it going. It is also about fresh beginnings, how attraction and love square off against fidelity and guilt.

Rajat is a writer. His irascible outpourings have been earning him the wrath of the moral police. His relationship with his wife Smita is the subject of his new book - a study on impermanence in relationships, of how love dies, of the desperate need for fresh beginnings in human beings. A need that is echoed in his wife Smita's quiet longing for physical contact; in the smug comfort exhibited by their friends, Akshay and Sushmita - happily married, with two wonderful children, a nice house, a good job, but who skirt perilously close to the thin edge of despair and loneliness and longing in the midst of their suburban tranquility.