Those Left Behind Things (English/105 mins/Ticketed show)

  • August 22, 7:30pm
    The Stein Auditorium, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre
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Director & Writer: Vikram Phukan
Group: Theatre Jil Jil Ramamani
Cast: Gandharv Dewan, Rushab Kamdar

Synopsis:The play follows the journey of Iranian asylum-seeker Hamid and others of his ilk, as they exchange one set of circumstances for another. From the dark alleys of Tehran to the neon-lit pier at Brighton, life comes full circle. The lands of milk and honey are not what they seem, and what is left behind might well be lost forever. The play examines displacement and migration, the shifting signposts of desire, and the inextinguishable human spirit.

*14 years and above