The Play That Goes Wrong
by DramaNomics College of Vocational Studies, (Hindi/50mins)

  • Feb 24 & Feb 26|7:00pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Director : The team
Playwrights : Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields

Inspector Khurana : Madhav Maheshwari
Jai Mehta : Raghav Kharbanda
Subhash Bhaiya : Abhas Sharma
Sunny Juneja : Sanket Aggarwal
Sanya Kapur : Kriti Kapur
Raman Kharbanda : Ankit Mathur
Annie : Anjali Sharma
Sanjay Damali : Ankit Mathur

Backstage & Production : Divyaratan Gulati, Hannu Oberoi (Sets), Aashish Luthra (Sound), Divyanka Arora (Lights), Shivansh Manaktala, Sanchit Ahuja (Production)

BDSM (Bobby Dayal and Sonu Munjal) Drama Co. showcases their professional production after their last year’s fiasco. Given their weird ensemble of cast, hilarity ensues as the actors try to save their annual production, Kissa Katal Ka, before it ends on the most embarrassing note. This play is the epitome of comedy of errors adapted from the work of Henry Lewis. Entertaining turn of events infused by the comically-timed mistakes of the characters within the play within makes it a delightful watch!