The Audition
by Upstage Gargi College, (English/45mins)

  • Feb 27 & Feb 28 | 7:00pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Director : Madhvi Mehra & Apurvah Sahay Aarzoo
Playwrights : James Johnson

Meera : Madhvi Mehra
Ritu : Apurvah Sahay Aarzoo
Another actress : Vasundhra Chauhan

Backstage & Production : Mannat Sandhu (Lights), Sonalee Das (Sound), Saumya Dwivedi, Jaya Bhardwaj, Priya Rao, Muskaan Pathak, Pratishtha Sharma

Ritu is like most wannabe actresses - she wants to be famous, and to be famous, you have to suffer the audition process. So when she attends an audition for a 'must-have', career-building part, little does she know that the Director, Meera, has very strong views about how an audition should be conducted; about how the person auditioning should be tested and what should and should not be said.

Meera is about to push Ritu to her mental, physical, emotional and ethical limits. Each of her auditions lasts for a complete day, and they are very much one to one. Close to her breaking point, Ritu is subjected to alcohol, drugs and mind games, all so that Meera can find out the answer to one question. How far will an actress go to get the part?