Pagla Ghoda
by Aflatoon Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies , (Hindi/100mins)

  • Mar 1 & Mar 3 |8:10pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Director : Animesh Vishal
Director : Isha Sabharwal
Playwrights : Badal Sircar

Shashi : Amandeep Mehta
Kartik : Abu Bakr
Himadri : Naman Khosla
Saatu : Chinmaya Sharma
Girl/Malti/Mili Lakshmi : Srishti Garg

Backstage & Production : Isha Sabharwal (Costumes), Pallavi Chawla (Sets), Tanya Arora & Animesh Vishal (Music), Animesh Vishal (Lights), Isha Sabharwal & Pallavi Chawla (Production)

Written in the 70s, Badal Sircarق│└s Pagla Ghoda is a milestone in Indian Theatre. It speaks of human values, sense of commitment, pain, agony, ecstasy and turmoil faced by us humans till we lie on the pyre. A brilliantly written play with a very simple premise of four men from different walks of life chatting at the funeral of a young girl. Mystery shrouds her death but when they start to excavate the truth behind her death, skeletons from their own past start piling up on them and the play becomes magically layered transforming into an engrossing modern fable to watch.