Open Cast
by Astitva Dyal Singh College, (Hindi/65mins)

  • Feb 24 & Feb 26 | 8:00pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Director : Naveen Chand Sharma
Playwrights : Sandeep Shikhar

Purush : Sourav Bhati
Purush 1 : Sukhdev Singh Narang
Uchch Vargiya aurat : Nisha Patwal
Pandit : Swagat Nanda
Sipahi, Sipahi 1 : Rohan Tongaria
Aurat : Jyoti Rana
Aadmi : Sumit Rawat
Junior Engineer : Vibhor Bajaj
Student 1 : Sachin Bisht
Student 2 : Mayank Arora
Overseer : Rahul Kumar
Aurat 2 : Ayushi Jina
Chorus : Akshay Arora, Apeksha Agarwal, Arunima Nawani, Haardik Singh

Backstage & Production : Arunima Nawani (Costumes), Naveen Chand Sharma & Swaja Bajaj (Sets), Jatin Kumar (Music), Vinod Kumar (Sound), Naveen Chand Sharma (Lights)

Open Cast is a play which depicts the lives of people displaced, how it affects them and their newly-forged relationships with strange people and places. What do the displaced lose? Rooted identities, self-respect, sense of belongingness, their freedomق│┼ It's not just the people but their culture which suffers the wrench. Open Cast shows two parallel stories: one that of old and new arrivals in the capital city of Delhi looking for a better life; the other of people forced to endure evacuation from the coal-mining town of Dhanbad.