No Rest in the Kingdom
(English/50 mins)

  • Oct 8 | 7:00pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
    ** Age limit – for 12 years and above only
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Written, directed and performed by : Deepika Arwind
Theatre Group : Sandbox Collective

No Rest in the Kingdom is a devised theatre work that deals with the daily hilariousness and annoyances of being a woman in this country, and almost anywhere. Boundaries blur with the protagonist seamlessly movies in and out of men and women roles, lending life to a range of characters from street Romeos to jealous boyfriends, girls who love shopping and to dress up and dance, to women professors.

Cats crawl, urban men and women seem baffled with 'this gender thing' and a general unsettlement around what we are implicit in presents itself. Truly, the kingdom feels a bit at unrest.

'Watching No Rest in The Kingdom felt like tu ming the pages of a book, part fiction, part sociology interspersed with dark humour." - The Hindu