(Hindi/Khadi Boli/90 mins)

  • Oct 6 & 7 | 7:00pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
    **Age Limit – For 18 years and above only
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Writer : Vidit Tripathi
Director : Hemant Pandey
Theatre Group : Teflas Studio

Cast : Hemant Pandey, Vidit Tripathi, Himanshu Talreja, Namya Saxena,Ved Prakash, Alok Kumar, Parth Zutshi, Ankita Dubey, Amarjeet Singh, Shashi Ranjan, Bhavesh Mohan Joshi, Gopal Verma, Ambika Chandra, Anadi Ravi Nagar

Set in the present day rural heartland, Lassan wala tells the tale of Kallu Bahman, a 60 year old Brahmin garlic seller whose family has been growing the same crop for three generations in the small patch of land that they own. Being a staunch Brahmin, Kallu himself refuses to eat garlic, yet continues to exclusively farm it and sell, against his son and daughter in law’s wishes. The play traces the tragic -comic events that occur in his life that shake his firm belief in the caste system that has defined a major part of his existence. The subsequent turn of events make Kallu Bahman, re –look at his life and relationships through the newfound prism of social equality.