Head 2 Head (English, Kannada with English subtitles/65 mins/Ticketed show)

  • August 24, 7:00pm
    The Stein Auditorium, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre
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Director: Shabari Rao
Group: The Big Fat Company

Synopsis: “Am I a good actor even though I am fat?, “How does being in this body shape me as an actor? “Did Shakespeare say Hamlet was lean? ” In search of answers to these questions, The Big Fat Company plays with ‘Hayavadana’ and has come up with Head 2 Head, a unique devised theatre performance. By using sections of the iconic Kannada play by Girish Karnad, it interrogates identity and archetypes, and the much-vaunted mind-body (dis)connection. An important question for actors with large bodies who deal with this quandary on a daily basis is: Where does identity lie: head or body? Or both?

Cast: Krithi Bettadh, Anuradha HR, Sindhu Hegde, Vidya Ulithaya, Gowtham Upadhya
Assistant Director: Umesh P.N.
Writer: Sophia Stepf

*9 years and above