Fly By Night
(English/70 mins)

  • Oct 8 | 7:30pm
    Stein Auditorium, India Habitat centre
    ** Age limit – for 12 years and above only
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Directors : Rachel D'souza and Puja Sarup
Theatre Group : Patchworks Ensemble
Cast : Neil Bhoopalam, Tushar Pandey, Shivani Tanksale, Sheena Khalid, Rachel D'souza, Puja Sarup

In a crazy overwhelming city, there is a tiny cafe run by Aunty. When life gets a little too much to handle all you have to do is go and visit her, and she will take care of the rest. With her special band of "movers", Aunty can move you out of your terrible life and place you somewhere far far away. Help seekers include a young woman who is forced to spend all her time taking care of her bedridden and bad tempered mother, an investment-banker-type who lives on flights to foreign destinations, a compulsive spender who brings upon herself huge debts even as she keeps up the facade of a luxurious lifestyle in which every status symbol is a must-have.

"The cast is given to a confidence of articulation and spirited on-stage maneuvers that attempt to capture the p/ay's themes with both humour and pathos.· - Vikram Phukan in the Hindu