Evam Indrajit
by Shunya Ramjas College, (Hindi/60mins)

  • Mar 1 & Mar 3 |7:00pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Director : Shobhit Bhatia & Arbab Ahmad
Playwrights : Badal Sircar
Adaptation : Shobhit Bhatia, Arbab Ahmad, Dewang Mulani

Lekhak : Chhatrapati Singh
Indrajit : Abhiraj Raghav
Amal : Bhavya Kumar
Vimal : Navdeep Maggu
Kamal : Rohan Ghatak
Mansi : Zoya
Maa : Ayushi Singh

Backstage & Production : Shobhit Bhatia & Arbab Ahmad (Sets), Arbab Ahmad (Music & Sound), Dewang Mulani & Yashovardhan Chaturvedi (Lights), Ayushi Singh, Kriti Kulshreshtha, Anjali Singhania (Production)

Everyone ends up asking this question at some point of time or another “Why are we doing anything?”Badal Sircar’s Evam Indrajit is as much about the existentialist question as it about the the youth of today. The play focusses on a struggling writer who toils relentlessly to write a play based on the lives of ordinary men, symbolically named Amal, Vimal and Kamal. But all in vain, since he isn’t able to find any drama in their humdrum lives. The writer then crosses paths with Indrajit who rebels with the dictates of society. He endeavours to explain Indrajit’s life and his unorthodox tendencies, unintentionally drawing a parallel with the monotonous existence of Amal, Vimal and Kamal who serve as cogs off a wheel.

The journey of the writer and Indrajit comes to a halt when Indrajit submits to the dictates of the society and chooses to become yet another brick in the wall. The structure of the play is cyclical echoing the thrust of the play: the monotony of mechanical existence and it is this thrust that makes it eternal in scope.