A Shaggy Dog Story
by Fourth Wall Productions Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies , (English/70mins)

  • Mar 4 & Mar 5 | 8:10pm
    Amphitheatre, India Habitat centre
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Director : Abhishek Arora & Akshay Raheja
Asst. Director : Manan Narang
Playwright : Mark Haddin
Adaptation : Abhishek Arora and Akshay Rahejabr>

Steven : Vaasu Sehgal
Joanna : Shreya Vaid
Ed : Chayan Chopra
Mrs. Brown/Mrs. Kumar : Shubhangi Prakash
Policeman : Rohan Puri
Station Policeman/ Man with Socks : Daksh Gupta
Emily : Kritika Bhati
Mrs. Sheila : Sakshi Bhola
Magazine Seller : Manan Narang

Backstage & Production : Jasneet Kaur (Costumes & Lights), Ujjawal Jain (Sets), Pranshu Saini (Music, Sound & Production

A Shaggy Dog Story follows the story of Steven, a 15 year old, who is exceptional at Math but finds people confusing. He is suffering from Asperger's syndrome, a type of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Based around a fictional small town of Asperg, the play opens with Steven discovering a dead dog in his neighbourhood. He tries to solve the mystery of the murder of the dog despite his father's warning. In doing so, he discovers that his mother is not dead as his father had told him, but alive and well, living in Claustra.

The play brings to the stage the magnificence of the little boy's imagination, his genius and sheer innocence, which renders it that compelling quality.