Habitat World at IHC is home to India’s first Diner- ‘The All American Diner’ offering the Great American Meal Experience. One of America’s most recognised icons, ‘The Diner’ was born when Walter Scott began to offer prepared food from a converted horse-drawn freight wagon in Providence, Rhode Island in 1872. His lunch wagon was an immediate success and others copied and improved on his concept. These pioneers helped create an industry that would eventually produce thousands of diners.

Spread over the length and breadth of the United States, each Diner has its own special look and menu. Chances are that classic Burgers, Pancakes, Waffles, Malts, Shakes and decadent ‘All Day Breakfast’ figure in most Diner menus. In fact, to put it simply in Diner dialect, “If it ain’t servin’ breakfast at any hour of the day, it ain’t no Diner!”‘The All American Diner’ is servin’ large slices of nostalgia that shall take you back in time- a time when ol’ fashioned values and ol’ fashioned love reigned supreme.

The decor consists of as authentic Diner memorabilia as anywhere. Bric-a-brac, (predominantly tin and enamel plaques) has been painstakingly collected from antique shops and flee markets throughout the U.S., over the years. With a limited edition ‘Elvis’ Wurlitzer Juke Box that plays 50s’, 60s’ rock classics, an Elektra Crema Caffé – the cadillac of all coffee machines and a Hamilton Beach Blender – probably the last one with a retro 50s’ look, each piece at the Diner is a collector’s item.

The All American Diner is open to both non-members and members of the IHC. So go right ahead, and take a trip down memory lane!